One thing I've learned in the printing industry is that there is more to design than just assembling items on a page. Your job can look good on the computer screen, but if it does not comply with industry standards, much time will be wasted when the job goes to press. Any changes that the printer has to make to get your file ready to print correctly are not only added time, but also an added cost that can and should be avoided.

My experience ensures not only that your finished product will look its very best, but also that it will progress smoothly through the various stages of the printing process. I began my career as a pressman, and have come up through the ranks learning every facet of the printing process. In the beginning I did layout with a typesetter, paste-up and a dark-room. Today, the computer has streamlined the process and brought it to the desktop.

My aim with Morning Star Design Studio is to help your business look the very best that it can. Whether you are a startup, or well-established in your market, your image can either make or loose you business. My clients say they appreciate the professionalism and the ample communication throughout the entire process that keeps them in the loop and informed each step of the way. And when the process is finished, it helps them project the professional image that gets them noticed.

While I still prefer the old-fashioned way of sitting down with a client face to face, today's technology has opened up new opportunities to do business across town, across the country or around the globe. Businesses need a fresh approach to stand out in their marketplace. On paper or on the web, Morning Star Design Studio stands ready to help you put your best foot forward.

Contact me today for creative ideas for a professional image for your business.
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