Logo Design
Your company's image is one of your greatest tools for success.

A logo communicates to potential customers and clients more than just your name. A logo can convey friendliness, competence, cutting edge, traditional, caring, professionalism, etc.

Morning Star Design Studio realizes how important making the right impression is in today's business world and helps you to put your best foot forward.

If you’ve found yourself wondering if your logo needs an update, here 5 signs you need a new logo:

Your logo is outdated  - Over time, even the best logos can become a little stale.  If your logo looks like it was designed decades ago, it’s probably giving the wrong impression.  Some quick and easy updates can help you preserve the image of your organization while giving your logo a fresh, professional look.

Your logo isn’t accurate – Over time, many  companies or organizations change into something different either through strategic planning or through mergers. When this happens, your logo might not be an accurate representation of your company’s new brand or identity.  An update to an old logo could be just what you need to keep your brand and image consistent.

Your logo doesn’t look professional – Many times when an organization is just getting started, there is limited time and a limited budget for things like a professional logo design. If your logo looks amateurish, you won’t be taken seriously. Your logo needs to be an accurate reflection of your company, but it also needs to look polished and professional.

Your logo is too complicated – Many times, a logo can try and do too much. When that happens, it becomes confusing and it loses impact.  A strong logo is simple, easy to recognize and unique.  If you are overwhelmed, confused or just plain don’t like what you see when you look at your logo, it’s time for an update.

Your logo doesn’t stand out – When you compare your logo to your competitor's, can you see a real difference?  Does your logo look more appealing than other businesses in your industry?  If your logo isn’t unique or more appealing than your competitors, it’s probably time for a logo refresh. 
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